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Asphalia was originally part of the Medcross Group which was established in 1981 by Roger Coghill, a Cambridge trained biologist. For many years, Roger specialised in the science of bioelectric magnetics and the science investigating the effects of electricity and electromagnetism on organic life.


The Heating of the Brain While using a Mobile Phone

Roger Coghill’s lab set out to find a solution to the health risks posed by the “electrosmog” which surrounds us all today. He first found out that electro-magnetic fields cause the formation of free radicals in our bodies. Free radicals can damage DNA (leading to mutated cells) and cause all kinds of other damage too. However, they can be neutralised by what are called anti-oxidants, which also abound in nature. As well as being found in fresh fruit and vegetables (vitamins for example) we can actually make our own anti-oxidants. Following up this research the lab found that certain plants contain the ideal anti-oxidant, and that supplementing the diet with these protects cells from free radical damage.

In 2003 the lab’s research discovered that a certain edible plant contained nature’s most powerful anti-oxidant molecule which was exactly what was needed to help improve this process, and they started to grow it in the valley pastures of Wales. They found that, when dried and milled to a fine powder the plant protected them internally from electro-smog. They also found that it gave people the best natural sleep they had had since childhood and users also started reporting improved complexions, a clue that the supplement was having an anti-ageing effect.

The lab called the product Asphalia, from the ancient Greek word for “safety”.

In 2007 Medcross founded Asphalia Food Products Ltd. to develop the accidental discovery of its novel form of sleeping aid. From the outset, Asphalia was welcomed by the health food industry, especially since it had been approved for over the counter sale. Already over 200 health food shops stock it and regularly re-order. Britain’s top nutritionists, like Jan de Vries, also recommend Asphalia as being a non-addictive, side-effects free aid to sound sleep.

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Roger Coghill, Rob Verkerk and John Doyle

In 2013 Roger sold Asphalia to Health Leads UK Ltd. (Roger is on the left in the photograph. He is pictured with Health Leads Managing Director, John Doyle (right) and Rob Verkerk of the Alliance for Natural Health)

The Health Leads Group have been working with Roger for a number of years and have now taken over the production of the products in their factory located in South West Wales. Roger continues to work as a consultant. Health Leads share the same values as Roger and are determined to continue to produce Roger’s products without harmful additives. You are welcome to visit the factory and warehouse.

Asphalia is now globally recognised as being superior to all other products presently on the market and is derived from natural growing plants rather than being synthetically produced. It was listed by the Daily Mail in 2008 in it’s feature: “10 of the Best Sleeping Aids”.

Asphalia has won a number of awards including a “Highly Commended” award at the National Trade Show Awards in Brighton. Asphalia for Natural Sleep was awarded “Highly Commended” in the 2014 NPB Awards as voted for by Pharmacists in the United Kingdom and Asphalia was a winner in the Janey Lee Grace 2014 Platinum Awards for BEST NATURAL SLEEP AID. No doubt our amazing natural product will continue to receive accolades long into the future!

If you would like to hear from Roger himself. Watch his interview by Janey Lee Grace by clicking on our MEDIA page.

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For a pictorial view illustrating the history of our products as well as the growing popularity, Click here.

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