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“I have recently taken delivery of Asphalia for Natural Sleep. I cannot commend this product highly enough – it is spectacular! This worked for me from the very first night. After months of poor sleep, and trying other formulations, this product stands out as the only effective brand that I’ve tried. I don’t suffer from broken sleep as before and the quality is brilliant; I awake feeling rested and peaceable.” – G.R.

“I am ill and found myself getting addicted to prescription sleeping tablets in order to get a night’s sleep. I knew this was detrimental to my health so I searched for a natural product to take. I cannot emphasise more how Asphalia has completely transformed my life – I now sleep at night for the first time in years. This has given me the strength to fight my illness and I feel normal again. I would highly recommend this product. I have never rang a company to tell them how good their product is but I did this time!” – K.F.

“I thought you might be interested in finding out how I came across your brand. My friend who is an insomniac was raving about it to me last week. After 3 years of sleepless nights and sleeping pills she has started sleeping soundly for the first time,  having bought your products last week- great recommendation!” – LN, London

“Get a great night’s sleep naturally with these plant-based supplements” – Janey Lee Grace



We have received positive feedback on various other websites that sell Asphalia. We are pleased to print some of these for your consideration:


“i struggle to get to sleep (have 40 years worth of insomnia) and my husband struggles to stay asleep (wakes in the early hours). Between the two of us nighttime is not as restful as it should be. Thought we’d give this a go on recommendation from a friend and we were delighted to discover it works and unlike prescribed medication it doesn’t leave you groggy and hung-over in the morning. We are impressed. I would recommend giving it a try. I’ve even used it on my children (8 & 15) it worked gently and effectively to help them get to sleep a few hours earlier than their normal bedtime (we had an unusually early start the next day). I would never normally allow my children to take anything but felt safe with this product. ”

“Sleep disturbance is the bane of my life. Over the years I have tried all remedies known to “man” – Prescription, Chemical, Herbal, Psychological, Physical, Logical, Illogical, Primal, Spiritual, Hypothetical, Hypnotically, You get the picture, some worked for a while, some failed completely, but Asphalia does seem to be consistently helping – Placebo? Well if it is then I must be more suggestible than I used to be, otherwise the alternative is that it just works. It doesn’t knock me out, its more of a gradual, subtle, slipping off into sleep – dreams are of a type I used to have as a child & I wake up more refreshed. Overall, placebo or no, I have to say it does help.”

“This has changed my life. Allows me to sleep most nights and wake up feeling refreshed and not doped up the way I feel after taking prescribed sleeping pills. On the nights I do wake up, I manage to fall asleep again within a few minutes. I do still have a very occasional sleepless night despite taking it but few and far between and usually when I’m really wound up and stressed. Highly recommended.”

“Wonderful product, worth every penny if you have sleep problems, no after effects, wake up with crystal clear head.”




“After taking Asphalia I found I enjoyed a thoroughly restful sleep and felt ready to face the day with a good level of energy and an alert mind. – I seldom sleep well, and only occasionally enjoy such energy levels”.

JJ, Haverford West

”I used to have a lot of dreams where I had feelings of anxiety. Now I feel calm and unconcerned even when events in the dream are worrying. So I ordered a pack and have been using it ever since, and sleep right through the night”.

RB West Sussex

LI, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands

“I have not slept well for many years and have found it necessary to get up in the night to visit the toilet as I am a diabetic, but since taking your capsules I have gone to bed and dropped into a nice restful sleep and , when I needed to get up instead of lying awake for hours on my return have gone back into a restful sleep”.

Many Thanks, David Mellor

“Asphalia does work. I was a chronic insomniac, averaging 3 to 4 hrs sleep on a good night, over a period of six to eight months. The side effects of lack of sleep are well documented; in short, I was a wreck and had tried everything!  I read about asphalia in a newspaper report and decided to try it, and from night 2 I started to sleep better! I was so surprised and my general health improved too, I can now sleep six to seven hours straight, and from what I was to this, is miraculous!   It does work!!”

Regards, Alison Lewis


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