On occasions, our customers ask us questions about our products. 

On this page we will try to give an answer to the most common questions:


  • Why are your capsules so special? Many manufacturers mix flow enhancers and anti-caking agents with their products. These factors can compromise the ability of a natural substance to feed the body, especially during illness. Although not using these additives slows down our production process, we believe it ensures the best food supplements for our customers.
  • You advise that some of your products are not for asthmatics. Why?  Asphalia is a blend of natural grasses. This may affect some asthmatic sufferers. While it is true to say that many that suffer from this condition have used Asphalia without any problem, we are not qualified healthcare specialists and we strongly advise that if you have any questions about taking our product, PLEASE TALK TO YOUR CHOSEN HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL.
  • Should I take Asphalia for Natural Sleep at the same time as Asphalia for Natural Protection? There is no need to take both capsules since the main ingredient is very similar in both. Take the product that you feel fits your needs the most. Always read the instructions on the label. This information also applies to our Natural Radiance and Natural Weight Control products. 
  • Can I take Asphalia if I am Gluten Intolerant? Yes. Gluten is found primarily in the seeds of Wheatgrass. Asphalia uses the blade of grass and so it should be ok for those that suffer from this condition.
  • Why do you recommend a lower dosage for electro-sensitive people?  In homeopathic medicine there is a principle of dilutions (or “law of minimum dose”) which states that the lower the dose of the medication, the greater its effectiveness. It is with this in mind, that we have included the direction for a half dose for electro-sensitive people.



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